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Peru Micro-Lot

Peru Micro-Lot




CUP: Grapefruit Acidity-Dried Fruit-Citrus & Dark Chocolate.


Brewing: Suitable for, Filter, AeroPress, French Press (plunger), Syphon (Vacuum Pot), Espresso, Stove-Top, Cold Drip & Cold Brew.


Process: Washed

Roast: medium



Producer: Tres Estrellas

Consuelo Peralta, Francisco Perez, Heleodoro Nuñez.

Locale: La Coipa, La Capilla, Colasay


Certification:  Specialty Grade Micro-Lot.  Cupping Score 83


Varietal: Catimor, Caturra, Pache, Bourbon &  Typica.


MASL:1700 (Meters above sea level) The higher the altitude the slower the cherry grows which improves thequality of the coffee. 


Tres Estrellas consist of three farms.The cherry is processed on the farms into dried parchment then delivered to the mill for final processing and bagging.

Micro-Lot referns to a specific selction of cherries from the farms which are considered of a higher quality and separated from the remainder of the crop. In practise most coffee grown in Peru is blended before export. 

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