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Panama Micro-Lot

Panama Micro-Lot




Cup: Grape acidity, dried fruit (figs), maple syrup & dark chocolate. 



Brewing: Suitable for, Filter, AeroPress, French Press (plunger), Syphon (Vacuum Pot), Cold Drip & Cold Brew.


Process: Washed

Roast: medium



Growers: Finca Lerida. Produced by the Chiari and Amoruso Families

Locale: Alto Quiel, Boquete

Certification: Specialty grade. Cupping Score 84

Varietal: Catuai

MASL:1600-1800   (Meters above sea level) The higher the altitude the slower the cherry grows which improves thequality of the coffee. 


Finca Lerida

Established in 1924 by Toleff & Julia Bache Mönniche. Toleff was a Norwegian engineer who was working on the Panama Canal. He also invented the 'sifon' which separates the different grades of coffee. It was considered  unusual to separate good from bad. It became standard pracatise. 

1957 The Collins Family. 

John Colllins changed the perception of Panamanian coffee, emphasising the quality. This was evidenced in the 2000's with the success of Lerida Estate in Best of Panama competitions. 


The Finca established a nature resrve of tropical rainforest and grasslands. Over the past 20 years there has been an emphasis on experimentation with different coffee processes and introducing the gesha varietal which Panama has become well known for. Though the varietal originated in Ethiopia, it is well suited to the altitude and climate of Boquete. 

Chiari and Amoruso Families have around 40 locals who work with them on the finca. They have extended the interests into small impact tourism and you can stay there. Contact:



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