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Our Story

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Brewed with patience

You might notice we do a long pre-infusion before it hits the cup for our house coffee. Sometimes, coffee demands time. Sometimes fresh isn’t best at all. Our New Guinea coffee, after roasting, really comes to life after a three-week rest. Our cold drip coffee filled into glass bottles, tastes complex at 6 to 7 months. A bit like ageing wine.


Photographed by Steven Woodburn


Decades of Coffee Roasting  

We’ve taken decades to learn how to roast and brew coffee. And your coffee may take a couple of seconds longer than what you expect from those fashionable places. Coffee brewing or roasting is not mantra, nor dogma and shouldn't be fashion. We are always learning.

Our coffee roaster spent the first 9 years of his life  in the centre of the coffee growing and processing districts in the Eastern & Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea.


From the age of 19, James worked as a barista, roaster, trainer and everything else. He has been fortunate to have had mentors who have had a natural curiosity about coffee and long term experience in the industry. Like a trade, roasting coffee is a skill that is developed through time and collaboration.

Brews & Headlines

Discover us on TV and the papers. We've made headlines on several platforms including: The Today Show Ch9 featured us as one of the pioneering Barista Schools in Australia. The Sydney Morning Herald published two articles exploring our expertise in cupping coffees and the strong connection between our baristas and coffee roasters. Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine recognized us for our exceptional wine collection and shared valuable insights on how to kickstart your own wine cellar.

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Photographed by Steven Woodburn

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