Brasil RFA Pulped Natural

Brasil RFA Pulped Natural



Juicy red apple acidity, hazelnut, sugar cane, red apple, chocolate & cocoa. Savoury.

Rainforest AllianceTM Certified

Brewing: any brew. Stove top and espresso work well.


Locale: Minas

Growers: Coorporal

Coorpal has 137 farmers. To encourage more woman to grow coffee, they have created a support centre to allow woman to leave their traditional responsibilties of care taking and persue a career in coffee. 


Varietal: Yellow Catuai, Bourbon

Process: Pulped natural. 

Roast: medium with longer development


The skin and pulp are removed, leaving the coffee seeds with some of the mucilage. The beans are then dried on patios. While there is no wet fermentation, this process leads to interesting flavour characteristics in the coffee.