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Fine Winey Acidity, Cherry, Malt, & Chocolate.


Brewing: Suitable for any slow brewing process. Filter-Syphon-Plunger(French Press)-Cold Brew or Drip. 


Growers: Matawasat Community from the QIMA 2020 Yemen Auction.


It was sourced from the National QIMA Yemen Coffee Auction 2020.  Some roasters do not use any crop which is defined as past crop. Past crop refers to coffee not from the current 'vintage year.') As the green coffee ages it can lose flavour.

We can also measure the actve moisture level in older green coffees to determine how stable the coffee is. The coffee has been stored in vacuum.


The key is to cup (taste) the coffee and not worry about the label. 


I will let you decide how past it might be?


Grade: Specialty. Cupping Score Average: 88.90  


Cultivar: Yemenia (landrace)

MASL 1850-2100. Crop year 2020


Process: natural-hand picked & sundried

Roast: medium






Weight: 150g

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