Guatemala SHB

Guatemala SHB



Cup: Soft grapefruit acidity, black berries, winey, caramel & chocolate.

Balanced. SWEET AS!


Brewing: Suitable for any process. Works well for stove-top and espresso.



Growers: Local growers send their green coffees to a central processing facility for processing, selection and bagging. It is a shared facility. This is more typical of the coffee growing process. 


Varietal: Caturra, Catuai & Bourbon

Certification: Specialty Grade, Score 83.5.  MASL: 1350-2000

SHG (Strictly Hard Bean). Coffee grown at above 1300 MASL grows more slowly. This results in a harder bean and a better quality green coffee. 


Process: Washed               

Roast: medium