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Colombia Natural Process

Colombia Natural Process



Cup: 'Floral, Hoppy, Confected, Vanilla & Dark Chocolate. This coffee yields wonderfully different flavours depending

on the brew ratio and grind. 


Brewing: Suitable for Filter-AeroPress-Plunger, Cold Drip, Stove Top & Espresso 


Certification: Specialty Grade Mico-PLot.  MASL: 1950  Cupping Score:86.5


Locale: Tolima Planadas

Grower: Emanual Enciso 

Varietal: Caturra and Castillo Hybrid

SHG (Strictly Hard Bean). Coffee grown at above 1840 MASL grows more slowly. This results in a harder bean and a better quality green coffee. 


Process: Natural               

Roast: Medium






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