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We’re all about coffee & tea.

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"Coffee brewing or roasting is not mantra, nor dogma and shouldn't be fashion.
We are always learning."


Our Story

Coffee is not about fashion.  Coffee is serious. We have taken time to get our coffee right. So when you taste our coffee, you’ll know we’ve experimented a thousand times to get it just so.

Photographed by Steven Woodburn

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Seventhwave has been roasting since 2018

Seventhwave Coffee and Tea is a coffee roaster and tea blender. We supply to businesses interested in quality coffee, cafes, bars, boardrooms, offices and caterers.

Photographed by Steven Woodburn

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Our Hardware

We have selected a short list of hardware which we believe produce some of the better brews. Most of the brewers allow the owner to control the speed of water flow through the grounds. Tastings are available by appointment. All purchases come with a demo and a chat about how to get the best from your brewer.

“Wonderful staff and owner. Every time I go conversation is great, happy customers and always a new blend or something to try.”
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